viernes, 12 de diciembre de 2014


Why do i have the sensation that i´m asking for permission all the time?
I also feel like i´m begging you to see me, to appreciate me.

There´s nothing but an emptiness between us.
You say we are friends by now but you just don´t think of me at all.
It´s so frustated for me to hear lies going out of your mouth. You sing lies and it seems to be that your whole life is a lie too because you can not stop lying.

I´m tired of everything, Tired of me cause i´m not able to just let you go.
Custom resulted to be stronger than love.

And happened that we didn´t see each other for three weeks and days
I did everything i was asked to do. I also went out with my friends but all the time you were there with me.
I missed you so much!
And i missed yo so much now!
Cause you are near but feels you far always.

How could you forget about me?
How could you just go and leave me without saying anything?

Must be very stupid for keeping thinking of you.
Must be very stupid for keeping waiting something that never arrives.

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